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Butterfly Wall Decor

Another popular category on is our selection of butterfly wall decals. It is hardly surprising because butterflies are one of the most favorites species of a lot of people. These beautiful animals are born as caterpillars. Small, unremarkable animals with a not eye-catching brown or green color. But all of a sudden, after lots of eating, these unremarkable caterpillars will build a cocoon and start to pupate themselves. During this process, which is invisible to the human eye, one of the most impressing metamorphoses is going on until one day the shell cracks open and slowly but dependable an entirely new animal crawls out. Now, the animal is no longer a porky caterpillar. It will dry its wings with the first warm winds of spring, and then it will spread them - and a beautiful butterfly will fly away.

This metamorphosis is very impressing and fascinating. It is such a powerful symbol for a re-commencement. You can transfer it to everyone's life. Only if we leave parts of us behind, something new can begin. We can start to grow and become new and fascinating. What a beautiful picture.

Not only in ancient Greece but also in Christianity and even today in Amerindian's butterflies are dominant symbols of death and birth. This circumstance makes it easy and obvious for us to understand,  why butterflies have such an enormous attraction. With butterfly wall art you have got the possibility to bring the tender and lovely creatures right into your living or dining room. Butterfly decals will also perfectly fit into your bathroom, bedroom, nursery or entrance.

There are many different styles and decors of butterfly wall stickers available. No matter if you got a lot or little space, you would find the perfect stickers right here on There are decors with many butterflies dancing through your kitchen or over your sideboard in your living room. Or very modern and stylish in a straight and graphically way in plain black. A beautiful butterfly decor right over your lounge will help you to come to peace after a day full of commitments and noise.

Do you want some butterfly wall decor in your nursery? A sticker like this will be perfect for your newborn. Check out the large butterfly selection and discover your favorite design today. Some baby-pink butterflies placed right next to your little ones changing unit or framing your child's bed. It will turn your nursery into a sweet and cozy place to be. And when your baby grows up a little bit, it will watch the butterflies with lots of interest.

Even kids, especially girls, love butterflies. Perhaps the girls will suppose that these small magical creatures are fairies best friends, flying right into their room to tell them a fairy's secret message.  So they can create their little fantasy world within their four often baby-pink walls.

No matter where you want to decorate the butterfly stickers, they are a beautiful and decent decoration for your wall. Pick one of our butterfly wall decals to make your home a little bit more cozy and lovely. Perhaps with a feeling of love and spring, to remind you of something special or in a graphic design just for decoration.

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