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Dinosaur Wall Decals are still very popular today

Dinosaur wall decals are still very popular today
Little boys just love a great dinosaur room decor
Dinosaur decals for teenagers
A whole variety of dinosaur wall stickers

Do you remember the year 1993? Perhaps you were stuck right in the middle of puberty these days. Maybe you were still a kid, or already an adult? 1993 was the year when Bill Clinton became president of the United States, the MGM Grand Hotel, with its over 5000 rooms opened its doors, Mariah Carey released the most successful album called Music Box, Megan Trainor saw the light of the day and almost, almost everybody was wearing baggy pants.

But there was one more thing going on in 1993. It was June 11th that year when Steven Spielberg's dinosaurs firstly appeared on the movie screens all over the US. Spielberg published his novel DinoPark already in 1990. But when the movie Jurassic Park started in the cinemas all over the US three years later, a dinosaurian hype started, lasting until today. There were millions of people watching Jurassic Park, being fascinated by the frightening but beautiful animals out of the prehistoric time. The film Jurassic Park was so successful that several parts followed:

Jurassic Park 2 (1997), Jurassic Park 3 (2001) and Jurassic World (2015). In 2013 Spielberg even released a 3D animated dinosaur adventure. For those days the films had the most impressing special effects known in Hollywood. The dinosaurs were back, and they are supposed to stay here for quite a long time again. The dinosaur hype still lasts until today, so it is not a surprise at all, that dinosaur wall decals are one of the most popular categories in wall decors and of course on our shop as well.

Little boys just love a great dinosaur room decor

Probably almost every young boy is a little adventurer and dreams of a dinosaur on his wall, drawn in a suitable way for children. Maybe you are the parent of a young boy, or you have been a little boy yourself? In this case, you can probably relate to the dinosaur fever.

Of course, dinosaurs don't always have to be tremendous, and frightening; they can also appear as cute little animals or cartoons that are dancing around in the nursery in beautiful and bright colors.

Dinosaur room decor is available in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Switch stickers, for example, are relatively small and are meant to be put on top or to the side of a light switch. If for example, your boy likes, he can have a little T-rex sitting on the light switch of his room watching out for him.

There are also sets of dinosaurs available in our store that you can spread over a wall or an entire room. These sets either consist of different or the same type of dinosaurs; you can choose the color your son likes the most, and we even have glow in the dark dinosaur room decor, which are pretty cool.

Of course, we also have larger dinosaur stickers in stock. Just take your time to browse through our inventory and pick the one your son likes the most. And in case you want a little hint from a father of two boys, dinosaur room decors make an excellent gift for your little man's birthday or any other occasion.

Dinosaur decals for teenagers

However, dinosaurs are not only for little boys. Even when they grow up and turn into teenagers (which usually happens way to fast), they might still love a realistic portrayal of perhaps a T-rex or a triceratops, sticking right over their bed. The good thing about dinosaur decals is that you can quickly pull them off the wall and replace them with a new one that is more suitable for a teenager.

When the kids go to sleep, they can dream of an adventure with the dinosaur, looking down to them. Perhaps the dinosaur will take the kids to an old-time experience.  And the kids will have cool dreams while sleeping because a buddy is watching over them.

It is also a natural process that teenagers start to separate themselves from their parents at a certain age. It is quite a natural way that they turn from a cuddly toddler into an aloof teenager. It is important to the young adults to express their feelings and opinions. Sometimes a giant roaring 3D dinosaur room decor looks like the way they feel inside. It can also be a sign for parents or younger siblings to stay out of the teenager´s room. The private sphere is something essential during this phase.

But, no matter how old your son or daughter is, the chances are that he or she likes dinosaur decals very much.

A whole variety of dinosaur wall stickers

There are not only life-like dinosaur wall stickers, but there are also small decors. For example, you can spread the tiny sweet animals right around the wall next to your television or maybe on the wall in your dining room.

Or think about the straight and geographic drawings. Would you love a stylized stegosaurus placed over your sideboard in your living room? We have a large selection of different dinosaurs decals. The range goes from small, cute comic decor, to 3D, or straight black layouts. And no matter what size you need, the variety goes from little to space-consuming dinosaur wall stickers.

We are very confident that you will find the perfect sticker in our shop. The best about our wall decals is that you can apply them without producing any dirt or considerable expenditure. Just pull them off and fit them on the wall. And second best, it can also be removed cleanly and quickly.

So, why are you waiting any longer? Get started right now and purchase a wall decal today.

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