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Lovely wall stickers for your little ones.

Nursery Wall Decals

Are you going to have a baby? Have you already thought about furnishing the nursery room? Perhaps you are like us and believe that baby-pink and baby-blue rooms are a bit dull. When you are looking for a comfortable and individual way to design your new born's room, you might want to consider nursery decals. You can attach them easily without any dirt or a dash of paint on your newly renovated floor.

With nursery wall stickers you can style your babies room smooth and clean, and you can create a fanciful and lovely atmosphere for your little darling. Of course, we got you covered and provide a huge selection of beautiful wall decals for the nursery. For example, just choose some fancy little animals dancing around and give the room of your baby a special touch.

Toddlers start to explore their environment pretty soon - way before they can even crawl -  and the colorful images placed on the wall right next to them will soon get their attention. You can also decorate the wall next to the baby's changing station. So your prince or princess will have something amazing to look at, while you change the diapers.

We have nursery wall stickers with fantastic and fairy tale decorations. Order a wall decal with a small deer or a sweet rabbit and your baby will feel like crawling through an enchanted forest.

If you are looking for a way to have your first baby photos around you, we suggest taking a look at our baby photo wall decals. You can fill the wall stickers with your favorite pictures, or images of the grandparents and your child will have grandma and grandpa always around.

Maybe you want your little darling feel like sleeping underneath the moon and the stars. Put some nursery decals right next to the bed or on the ceiling above.

When your son or daughter wakes up in the morning, she can look at the moon and the stars, smiling down. Who would not enjoy sleeping underneath the starry sky?

Nursery wall decals are also great to create an atmosphere full of colors and impressions. Pick a sticker with children playing at a playground. See the kids see-sawing, sliding, jumping on a trampoline or playing with buckets and sand-molds. Help your toddler to discover the world and to learn new words with our nursery decals.

You have also come to the right spot in case you love animals. We have a vast collection of wall decals for nursery showing animals in a zoo, circus or just in a parade. Tell your baby about elephants with their gray trunks, about a giraffe with its long neck, rabbits eating carrots, dogs playing with a ball or birds sitting in the trees, singing a song. Or maybe you prefer a sticker with funny green frogs, sitting in their pond and croak with their mouth wide open. Your toddler will love its witty green friends.

If you love the sea, or if you are one of the lucky ones who live right next to it, bring your favorite way of life right into your nursery room. Just pick one of our stunning maritime wall stickers with ships, water, waves or even underwater scenes. See the pied fishes, sea stars, octopi or even a wreck, overgrown with corals and seagrass.

Style your room with nursery wall decals and create a beautiful world, which is worth discovering. Your baby will love to play and sleep in a room like this. To get started, just browse our category of wall decals for nursery, pick your favorite sticker, and make your nursery a special place.

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