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Tree shaped stickers that make a difference on your wall.

Tree Wall Decals

Another trending category on our wall decals store is the tree wall stickers section. We are sure that you have already heard about this new trend.

Tree decals are an easy and comfortable way to bring a touch of green nature right into your living room, and if you prefer to cater for a homely atmosphere by getting some tree wall art, you have come to the right place.

There are lots of different styles of tree decals available. We have stickers with small young trees, which just started to grow, and big impressive trees. But, maybe you just got married, and you are looking for a tree wall decal showing a young sapling with its first fresh and green leaves to show, that your family is right about to grow? Of course, you'll find a sticker like that in our store.

In case you are new to wall stickers, you need to know that it is very straightforward to apply a tree wall decal in your home. There will be no dirt or dash of paint on your new carpeted floor or parquet.

And as time goes by, and when you want to replace the young tree with an expanding old tree, where the decor takes the size of a whole wall, that is no problem at all too.

It is pretty simple to remove an old decor and replace it with a new one. Just the old one down and apply the new tree wall art. Wall stickers are a very affordable and easy way to give your living or dining room an entirely new look.

In case you love nature very much, you should think about a forested scenery, with deer standing in between the trees and birds flying through the air. These photo realistic tree decals will provide you with a feeling as if you would live right in the middle of a forest. You might even think that you can almost smell the scent of the fresh air and feel the smooth moss underneath your feet.

Sitting down in your cozy armchair and looking at the trees will be the perfect chill out after a workday with lots of stress and noise. Just let mother nature take care of you and relax in this beautiful scenery.

Maybe you love nature, but you do that in a very modern and fresh way? In this case, you might want to choose a tree wall decal with only some stylized logs and arrange them on an empty wall. The still life will bring and relaxing and cozy atmosphere right into your room. We are very confident that you will find the perfect sticker in our store.

Another scenery could be, that it has been a cold and long winter, and you are longing for the taste of spring and the beautiful birds singing from the trees. In this case, a large tree might be a good fit for you. The limbs covered over and over with baby-pink cherry blossoms, and some petals dancing through the air, driven by the fresh wind of spring.

Tree decals can also be a good fit to spruce up your bathroom. This room doesn't have to be a dull, sterile looking place, which you only use twice a day in the morning and evening. Tree wall decals can work like magic in a place like this. Just apply a good looking tree sticker with its fresh and green leaves on the wall, add some fancy accessories, a cozy carpet and perhaps a little stool with a pillow and turn your unbeloved lavatory into your wellness oasis or SPA. A tree, no matter what design, will always create a cozy and homely atmosphere.

Do you love art? In this case, tree wall stickers with an abstract design might be perfect for you. We have decors, showing trees, with lots of limbs. On the limbs, there are no leaves, but butterflies, sitting in hundreds on the tree and covering it all over. Some butterflies will just fly away and will create a beautiful picture by dancing through the air. Perhaps a little cat is sitting right next to the tree, trying to catch the butterflies.

If you love to decorate your home, tree decals will be the perfect way for you to style your house in an individual and exclusive way. Choose trees, no matter if tiny, huge, or abstract ones to make your house a home with that certain something.

Trees will always be a classic eye-catcher, no matter what time of the year trees it is. Tree wall stickers are the perfect way to have nature always around you.

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