Can wall decals only be applied to walls?

The subject we will be dealing with in every article here revolves around wall stickers and everything you should know when dealing with them. In the following lines of this article, I want to give some answers to a question which appears very often: can we apply wall decals only to walls or is there a possibility to put them somewhere else?

Well, in short, the answer is yes. Of course, it needs mentioning that you cannot just apply these stickers to every kind of surface you wish. That is why I want to inform you about possible areas which are suitable for wall decals.

General properties of suitable surfaces

Before I can give you some examples of what areas you can use for applying a wall decal, I feel it is necessary to give you some general information on how the surface should look like in general. One and perhaps also one of the most important features is that you have a flat surface. The reason for that is that you would otherwise not be able to fixate the sticker on it. So you should not use objects which have a particular shape with various curves or similar features.

Another thing which is also important to mention is that the surface needs to be free from exposure to very high or low temperatures. That way, the decal can suffer significant damage. So you should avoid applying a sticker to a wall which is outside, for example in your garden. Temperatures which are too high or low could damage the structure of the decal’s material, and thus, it could start to crumble away from its destinated place.

Also, you should avoid exposing your wall decor to other forms of weather. Not only is it important to keep it away from certain temperatures but also from precipitation. The rain- or snowfall could wash away the adhesives of the sticker, eliminating its firm hold and thus removing it from the area on which it is supposed to be attached.

Another kind of material which you should remove from your list of possible options concerning decals are textiles. Not only are they not static enough as is the case for walls or furniture, but the adhesives might destroy the fibers of the textiles as well. So it does not matter if you plan to put the sticker on clothes or curtains, I do not recommend that you do that.

All other objects and surfaces, which do not fulfill the properties that I named before in this article, are suitable for wall decals. So you can make full use of all your creativity when it comes to beautiful places for your wall stickers if you keep in mind all those general properties and exclusion criteria I just gave you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short article about all the places where you can put your wall decals on. It ‘d be nice if I could interest you also in our other entries about frequently asked questions concerning the usage of wall decals. So feel free to browse through the other content of our blog.

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