Will decals stick to textured walls?

Hello and welcome to another entry on our WallDecals24.com blog. In this article, we will deal with the problem of applying the stickers to textured walls. Although you often have a general impression that wall decals only work on flat surfaces, there are ways to adjust them even to uneven ones. In the following post, I would like to give you some general hints on how you can achieve this.


One possibility to make the decal stuck to walls better is to put glue on them. Dependent on the glue and your preference, you can use different types. While many people recommend an adhesive spray, there are also those who use a simple glue stick. Of course, your choice should also depend on the type of wall decal you are going to use. If you have letters, then it might be more challenging to work with a glue stick than with a spray. For more coherent forms and figures, a glue stick might be as efficient.

Flexibility of the decal

From time to time, it can happen that you might have trouble putting the sticker on the wall because it is not flexible enough. Especially when you have to deal with textured walls which do not offer a smooth surface, this can give you a lot of frustration. So if you should find yourself in such a situation, you have an easy possibility to increase the flexibility of your decal so that you can attach it much simpler to even the most textured walls. The solution here is to use a hairdryer. The warm air coming out of the device will soften up the decal’s material, thus making it much more flexible and better for applying to where you wish. Of course, you should pay attention while using it, or you will partly melt it.

The right selection of tools

Another helpful item besides glue and a hairdryer is an object which helps you pressing the wall decal against the surface where you want it on. That item can be a credit card, a squeegee or something similar like that. Its primary purpose is to help to fixate the decal onto the surface while you remove the paper backing away. Not seldom is it the case that the decal sticks to its paper backing, especially when you want to put it on an uneven surface like a textured wall. So in this case, a tool like that might even be more helpful than in a situation in which you have to deal with a flat surface.

After all those hints, I hope you find it easier to deal with situations described above. It is important that you know that you do not need to trouble yourself with a surface which might not be suited to wall decals in the first place. Your creativity should not experience any limitations at all, especially when you think of such a straightforward and small problem like a textured wall. Just keep those hints in mind that I gave you before and you can start thinking about a beautiful decal right away without having to worry about complicated application processes.

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